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Time for a Referendum in Western Sahara

Ginsberg conveniently omitted that no country in the world, including the United States, recognizes Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara. In 1975, the International Court of Justice rejected the notion of any ties of sovereignty between Morocco and Western Sahara. Ginsberg also ignores the brutality of Morocco’s illegal occupation. Should we applaud the well-documented human rights abuses perpetrated against Sahrawis by Moroccan security forces? Should we applaud the total lack of press freedom in the kingdom, which saw a prominent Moroccan journalist recently arrested for the crime of acknowledging that talking about Western Sahara is a “red line” for the Moroccan media? Should we applaud when Freedom House rates Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara as “not free”? It is a sad reality that because Morocco cooperates with the West on counter-terrorism and other security issues, many countries look the other way when it comes to its illegal occupation of Western Sahara.

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