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EU Court protects Western Sahara from EU-Morocco trade deal (WARW)

The highest Court of the European Union this morning found that EU’s trade agreement with Morocco cannot be implemented in Western Sahara.
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US-Western Sahara Foundation Welcomes ECJ Decision; Reaffirms Right to Self Determination

Washington, DC)…The US-Western Sahara Foundation heartily welcomes the European Court of Justice’s recent ruling on the European Union’s trade deal with Morocco and calls for the United Nations to follow through on the long promised referendum. 

 “This ruling express in the most clear terms that Morocco has no sovereignty over the territory of the Western Sahara,” said US-Western Sahara Foundation president Suzanne Scholte.  “The decision is also identical to the United States as expressed during the signing of the US-Moroccan free trade agreement which excluded the Western Sahara on the grounds that the United States does not recognize the Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara.”

 “Furthermore, it is to be strongly noted that the European Court reaffirmed the October 16, 1975 ruling by the International Court of Justice that supported the right of self-determination for the Sahrawi people and denied Morocco any sovereignty over the territory,” Scholte said.  “The ruling sends a clear message to Morocco, that despite 41 years of occupation of the territory and despite all its propaganda and the millions of dollars it has spent to lobby the international community, the fact remains: this is an illegal occupation of Western Sahara by the Kingdom of Morocco.”

 “The ECJ ruling also sends a message to all those involved with Morocco in exploiting the natural resources of Western Sahara you are thieves guilty of stealing from the indigenous people of Western Sahara.”

 “This ruling rallies all of us internationally who have supported and admired the Sahrawi people.  We admire their peaceful resistance relying on the rule of law to achieve justice.  Now, we call upon the United Nations to fulfill their promise for a free, fair and transparent referendum on self determination,” Scholte stated.

 The US Western Sahara Foundation was formed in 1999 by Congressman Joseph Pitts (R-PA), late Congressman Donald Payne (D-NJ), the Defense Forum Foundation and hundreds of American citizens from many walks of life and diverse political views to raise awareness of the Western Sahara issue and promote self determination for the people of Western Sahara.

 Suzanne Scholte

Seoul Peace Prize Laureate

President, Defense Forum Foundation


Chairman, US Western Sahara Foundation

Western Sahara opposes Morocco’s African Union bid (BBC)

Western Sahara Foreign Minister Mohamed Salem Ould Salek told the BBC that Morocco’s occupation contradicted the founding principles of the AU.

“The aim and essence of the Union is the liberation of Africa. Morocco [has] become a coloniser,” he said.

“We fought against colonialism and apartheid; how come we are going to accept a country who declared publicly and solemnly that he is occupying a part of a country who is a member of the African Union?” Mr Salek asked.

He insists that if Morocco “wants to join the club, [it] must respect the rules of the club”.

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President Brahim Gali congratulates US president-elect Donald Trump

Bir Lahlou, November 10, 2016 (SPS) – The President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Frente POLISARIO, Mr. Brahim Gali has sent a congratulatory message to the President-elect of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump.

President Brahim Gali expressed his congratulations and his good wishes to the President-elect “On behalf of the Sahrawi people, I write to extend to you my sincere congratulations upon your election as President of the United States of America. The electoral process was a triumph of democracy, and I am delighted both for you and for the people of the United States.”

Your election, he adds,  is an important event in the U.S. history and serves as an inspiration to many people around the world, including the people of the Western Sahara who are awaiting the promised U.N. Referendum on self-determination and look to your country for leadership to restore justice and stability in this region of the world.

The head of state expressed to the American president the interest of the Saharawi government work with your Administration to foster a more peaceful, democratic and prosperous world.


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COP22 controversy – Moroccan green energy used for plunder. (wsrw.org)

At COP22, beware of what you read about Morocco’s renewable energy efforts. An increasing part of the projects take place in the occupied territory of Western Sahara and is used for mineral plunder, new WSRW report documents. 

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Polisario Envoy Says Group Closest to War with Morocco Since 1991 (The Washington Diplomat)

The Polisario Front and Moroccan forces are separated by 100 meters and are the closest to returning to war over the Western Sahara since a 1991 United Nations-mandated ceasefire, according to Mouloud Said, the Polisario’s representative in Washington.

“Any small incident could provoke the war, so the war is not something we want but is something on the table,” Said told The Washington Diplomat in a recent interview.

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Morocco Suffers Legal Setback As EU Official Declares Western Sahara ‘Not Part Of Morocco’ (Forbes)

The tricky relationship between the EU and Morocco is set to become more fractious, after an influential legal opinion delivered to a Brussels court declared that the disputed territory of Western Sahara is not part of Morocco.

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