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After 40 Years, Time to End the Occupation of Western Sahara

For decades we have followed a peaceful path towards liberation, patiently making our case to the world that we too deserve to exercise our fundamental right to self-determination. We do this knowing that we have the full weight of of international lawon our side and that no country in the world recognizes Morocco’s claim of sovereignty over Western Sahara.

Some of the strongest support for our right to self-determination comes from the African continent, where many countries have fought their own battles for freedom in recent history. Western Sahara is the last colony in Africa, classified by the UN as a Non-Self-Governing Territory, awaiting a process of decolonization.

The African Union has been clear in its support, stating that “Western Sahara remains an issue in the completion of the decolonization process of Africa” that must be resolved. Many countries in Africa and around the world formally recognize the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, which is a full and founding member of the African Union. Morocco, on the other hand, is the only country in Africa that is not a member of the African Union due to its illegal occupation of Western Sahara. And still, the UN Security Council has chosen to ignore the calls of Africans and the African Union to rid our continent of colonialism and exploitation

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