Mission of the Western Sahara

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Africa’s incomplete independence

African people who have no rights are beaten, kicked and killed; men, women and children. They are citizens who can, and are deported. Their natural resources are exploited without their consent, and from these, they derive no benefits. Their human rights are violated right under the noses of United Nations troops without the latter lifting a finger.  As a people, they are forced to live in two countries under three different arrangements. The bulk live in occupied territories, some in a self rule zone and the rest have been living in Algerian refugee camps for 40 years now.

There are three infamous walls in contemporary human history: the Berlin Wall in Germany which has been pulled down, the Israeli Wall on Palestinian territory, and this one in Africa which is mined. Like a god that demands human sacrifice, this wall takes lives and claims limbs. Welcome to Western Sahara!

– See more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2015/06/africas-incomplete-independence/#sthash.8u1JdzHA.dpuf

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