Mission of the Western Sahara

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The Wailing of Western Sahara (therealnews.com)

Most people as I said haven’t heard of this struggle, but it’s been 40 years this year, 1975, when Morocco invaded Western Sahara, and came in and conquered Western Sahara, and then a few months later put in 300,000 Moroccans so they would essentially outnumber or try to outnumber the 300,000 or 400,000 Sahrawi people. Led–the Western Sahara liberation struggle is led by the Polisario. It’s the officially recognized government, the Polisario.It happened with it, unlike other colonies, or like–[incompr.] like other colonies, is there was a decolonization period in Africa. There was struggle, there was war. Eventually Western Sahara was put on the United Nations Decolonization Committee. It was under the jurisdiction of Spain. But in 1975, Spain essentially gave up and let the Moroccans simply march in. Thousands of the Sahrawi people fled to the East, into Algeria, where they established the refugee camps. Unfortunately, the United States, France, and Spain were collaborators in this occupation.

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