Mission of the Western Sahara

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From Deep Within the Sahara Desert Comes a Cry for Freedom and Independence

What follows below is a multimedia collection (text, photos, videos) of reports, interviews, conversations, reflections and observations by the journalists and scholars who joined the delegation. Also assembled below are copies of recent African Union resolutions supporting the unconditional right of Western Sahara to independence and a Human Rights Watch report on the conditions in the refugee camps.

Over the course of several days, the journalists and scholars on our delegation conducted dozens of interviews with government officials, civic leaders, educators, health professionals, as well as with a cross-section of ordinary Saharawis.

They explored the history and structure of the Polisario Front, visited the military museum, examined the constitution and the institutional structures of the “government in exile” (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic), delved into the past and present relations with the Moroccan kingdom, dissected the concrete demands of the Saharawi people, investigated the situation of political prisoners in Moroccan prisons and the fate of dozens of disappeared young activists. Their reports have appeared in recent weeks in several newspapers, magazines and Web sites published in the US.

Readers are invited to post their comments and opinions in the feedback section below.

Read the collection:


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